Terms and Conditions

Return and Exchange of Goods

Perfumes and cosmetic products are not categorized as returnable items, and therefore, there is no possibility to return high-quality products.

VIVI ensures the presence of high-quality products in the market. A product is considered of poor quality if its packaging dispenser or the packaging itself is broken and directly affects the use of the product (in such cases, unused products are replaced with new ones, and for used products, a new dispenser is provided).

If a low-quality product enters the market, the consumer has the right to:

1) Demand the seller to eliminate the defects of the item free of charge (repair the item).

2) Demand the seller to replace the item of improper quality with an item of proper quality free of charge.

3) Demand the seller to appropriately reduce the price.

4) Unilaterally terminate the contract and demand a refund of the paid price.

If you cannot find a solution to the situation by negotiating with us regarding a product or service purchased in our online store, you can submit a request/complaint to the State Consumer Rights Protection Authority (Vilniaus g. 25, 01402, Vilnius; email: tarnyba@vvtat.lt - also to the territorial branches of the State Consumer Rights Protection Authority) or fill out a request form on the EGS platform http://ec.europa.eu/odr/.

If you have damaged the product packaging yourself or if you have caused changes to the product by not following storage conditions, usage instructions, or expiration dates, please return them to the VIVI store. The deadline for exchanging low-quality goods is 14 days from the day of purchase. If not proven otherwise, defects in the item discovered within 6 months of delivery are considered to have existed at the time of delivery. It is necessary to have the purchase receipt with you.

Delivery and Shipping of Goods

Delivery in Lithuania by DPD courier costs 3.6 Eur, collection from DPD parcel locker 2.70 Eur.

If the delivery address/parcel locker is incorrectly selected and, if necessary, the order is re-shipped, the cost of this service will depend on the chosen delivery method, with re-shipping by DPD courier costing 4 Eur.

IMPORTANT! After sending the order and, if necessary, redirecting it to another address or delivering it the next day will cost 3 Eur.

The courier will deliver the order directly to the specified address. The order will reach you within 1–2 working days. If the order is placed before 12 noon on a working day, the goods are usually delivered the next working day. (If the order is placed on Friday before 12 noon, the goods will reach you on Monday; if the order is placed after 12 noon, the goods will reach you on Tuesday). Choosing delivery to a physical store, order preparation takes from 1 to 5 days. After preparing the order, you will be informed by a call or SMS. Orders in the store are kept for 30 calendar days from the payment of the order.

IMPORTANT! Due to the situation in Lithuania and especially a large volume of orders, delivery of orders may be delayed.

When ordering to foreign countries, the following conditions apply:

• The cost of international delivery is automatically included in the invoice.

• Goods are sent via Lithuanian Post.

• For orders over 300 Eur, delivery in EU countries is free.

• The recipient from an EU country usually receives the shipment within 10 working days, and from another country – within 2-3 weeks.

• The maximum weight of an international order shipment is 10 kg.