About us

Introducing VIVI - natural, biologically active and effective cosmetics

No extravagant advertising promises, no harmful chemical additives. Wide assortment for skin, hair and body care products at a great price. VIVI means "full of life" - this is the essence and meaning of our activities.

We develop safe and biologically active cosmetics based on natural and ecological materials.


For seven years we experimented, developed and consulted with laboratory specialists in France, Italy and Switzerland. These days we can offer different face, body, hair and home line compositions.

Knowing the similar and at the same time different needs of consumers, we have developed safe, biologically active products based on natural and ecological materials.

Natural composition

We use natural, ecological and healthy ingredients. No parabens, silicones and other chemical compounds that are harmful to health.

Knowledge and innovation

We are constantly researching and improving the formulas of our products, as well as developing new products. The goal is to have a wide and constantly updated range and to expand product groups, taking into account customer preferences.


We currently have 2 VIVI stores in Lithuania. At present, an electronic store www.vivi.lt has been created to meet the growing demand and interest from abroad. VIVI reaches clients' homes in Lithuania and around the world!


Less is more.

Our approach to store interiors and design is rational and minimal. We avoid visual noise, give up unnecessary glitter. We aim to facilitate the customer's shopping, refine the value of the product we create and thus stand out from the competition. We are happy to have created functional trade stands that allow us to set up shops quickly and conveniently.


Do you have questions / suggestions / thoughts? We will be happy to discuss all possibilities of cooperation during the meeting. We invite you to contact eshop@vivi.lt.